May 30, 2024

How To Look After A Baby On A Road Trip

Tips For Taking Long Car Rides With Babies

Travelling with an infant can be challenging at the best of times, never more so than on a long road trip. You will need to look after your own sanity, try and keep your infant happy, while taking into the health and safety of your child at the same time.

The Risk Of Extended Time In A Car Seat

There are a number of studies that have been done into the length of time a child can spend in a car seat. Extended time in a car seat can lead to a number of breathing problems in babies, due to the scrunched seating position, which in severe instances can even lead to death. Pre-term and new-born babies are most at risk when seated in an upright position, due to the fact that they cannot yet hold up their head.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a car seat when travelling with your child. A car seat is still the safest and best way to protect your baby while on the road. But how can you make your life and your baby’s more comfortable on your next getaway? Keep reading to find out:

Stop Frequently

The most important thing when planning a road trip with children, and especially babies, is to schedule in frequent stops. This preferably means an overnight or longer stop, such as for lunch, every two hours. However, throwing in short stops along the way where you and your baby can just stretch tents out and even lie down is also a good idea.

During these stops be sure to take your baby out the car seat rather than just transporting your sleeping child around in the seat itself. Remember to pack in a blanket for this purpose.

Use Shade

Another thing you want to mindful of is keeping your baby in the heat and sun for too long. Be sure to use window shades or a protective car seat canopy to keep your child out of the sun and place the car seat on the side that will be in the shade if possible. Also try and avoid sitting in the car at stops, but instead get out into the fresh air as often as possible.

The reverse is also true. Be sure to pack some warm blankets to keep your baby comfortable on cold days or at night.

Stick To Your Routine

Oneof the ways to make your life easier as a parent is to plan your travel around when your baby is most likely to be asleep anyway. Leave after bath time to take advantage of the normal time your child would be asleep and check your route ahead of time to factor in stops for changing and feeding.

Of course, always allow for some level of flexibility as travel with kids doesn’t always go as planned!

Keep Baby Entertained

A happy baby is going to make for an easier trip all round. If you are travelling with your partner, one of you can sit in the back to play with your baby and keep them entertained. Even if you open an account and play online games, this may offer your child something fun to watch. Also be sure to pack their favourite toys so they feel at home and happy. Just try to avoid any toys with load noises that could potentially distract the driver.