May 30, 2024

Now the NFTs Can be displayed through Smartwatches, Says Ido Fishman

The non-fungible token (NFT) industry has caught quite the attention in the mainstream industry in the past couple of years. The NFT artwork sector has become the symbol of trend and wealth nowadays. People are now spending millions of dollars in purchasing NFT artworks just to show off their wealth and get their names published in the NFT news.

Over time, the NFT artwork technology has become an attractive thing even for the major apparel and accessory brands. Whether it is printing NFT artwork t-shirts or display of artworks at the museums, they have become quite the spectacle in the recent years.

TAG Heuer Joins the Fun

When brands from across the globe are benefiting from the NFT artwork technology, TAG Heuer has decided to add its own way of showing them off.

Ido Fishman, who is a well-known researcher and expert in NFTs, has recently an important piece of information surrounding TAG Heuer. As per Ido Fishman, NFTs will now be displayed through the watches.

Ido Fishman has revealed that TAG Heuer has announced that it has recently formed a partnership with CLONE-X and another major NFT-based community. The particular community is responsible for the creation of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Real Purpose of Partnership

The reason behind the partnership is for TAG Heuer to be able to display the NFT artworks through their watches. Now, the TAG Heuer, CLONE-X, and the BAYC teams will be working and collaborating with each other for the creation of a certain smartwatch.

The smartwatch will be extremely convenient and state of the art for the users. The teams aim to create the watch in such a manner that it is able to display the NFTs. Furthermore, the smartwatch will also have the ability of connecting with cryptocurrency wallets.

For now, the teams are working to incorporate two major cryptocurrency wallets into the smartwatch. The names of the major cryptocurrency wallets are Ledger Live and MetaMask.

Functionality of the Smartwatch Explained

The teams working on the smartwatch have revealed that the functionality of the smartwatch will be very straightforward. The name of the particular smartwatch is Calibre E4 and it will be manufactured with the TAG Heuer brand.

The users will be able to pair their smartphones with the smartwatch, transfer the NFTs to the latter, and that’ll do the trick. Through the smartwatch, the users will be able to display two kinds of NFTs. These non-fungible tokens will be the animated artworks and the static artworks.

The users will be able to transfer multiple NFT artworks to the smartwatch in a single attempt. However, they will be able to display only one artwork at a time.

For now, TAG Heuer aims to launch the NFT smartwatches with three different designs. The users will be able to resize the NFTs once transferred to the smartwatch to fit it as per their preference.

More Functionalities offered through the Smartwatches

As per the teams working on the smartwatches, they are also working onto adding more functionalities to their creations. The watches will have the ability of connecting directly with the blockchain. This way, the smartwatch will verify whether the wearer owns the particular NFT or not.

TAG Heuer teams have confirmed that only the verified and owned NFTs will be displayed through the smartwatches. The watches will be displayed through the hexagon. In the background of the NFT artwork, there will be particles that will be gravitating.

Prior to the launch of the smartwatches, an application for the NFTs will be made available through Google Play and App Store of Apple.

This isn’t the first time TAG Heuer has shown interest in cryptocurrencies. The Swiss watchmaker known throughout the world recently announced that it was going to accept up to $10,000 in cryptocurrencies for a single transaction.