May 30, 2024

Sarees for Different Occasions

Whether you are planning to wear a saree for Diwali, a wedding, or just an office party, it is important to choose the right fabric, style, and drape. Read on to learn how to slay your next party with a saree!

Regional handloom sarees like Kanjivaram silk and Banarasi are a perfect fit for traditional events. Pair them with intricate blouse patterns and traditional jewelry to showcase your elegance.

Casual Wear

Women who love to wear casuals will enjoy this range of sarees that offer comfort with style. These include cotton casual sarees that are lightweight and easy to maintain for the entire day. You can also find sarees with attractive patterns and colours that add to the beauty of your outfit. Pair these sarees with a stylish blouse for an elegant look.

When you need to wear a saree for a casual occasion, you can opt for a saree with a simple lace border and an embroidered design for a chic look. You can also choose a black art silk casual saree that features striped accents and a lovely contrast border for a dressier look. This saree is a great choice for a dinner date or a day out with friends.

You can also find a saree with a striped border and an applique design for a chic look that will complement your curves. You can also opt for a saree with floral and botanical prints to add some colour to your wardrobe.

If you want to dress up for a more formal occasion, you can choose from a variety of georgette and crepe sarees that will provide an elegant touch to any occasion. These sarees are perfect for a party or a dance event. You can even pair them with a top knot and thong sandals to complete the look.

Formal Wear

A formal event calls for a highly sophisticated outfit. This type of clothing is usually worn by women in dresses or skirts, and men wear shirts and ties, suits, or a dashiki. A saree is a popular choice for a formal occasion because of its beauty and elegance. It can be adorned with sparkling diamonds, intricate embroidery, and stunning colors. The style is very elegant and timeless, and can be worn by people from all walks of life.

Sarees are a perfect option for office wear because they look professional and can be worn with different blouses to create unique looks. When selecting a saree for office wear, it’s important to choose a light color and avoid any bright prints or embellishments. Instead, opt for a subtle saree in a material like silk cotton, chanderi, or kota silk. You can also find a range of handloom sarees online that are suitable for office wear.

For black-tie events, you may want to consider a silk saree in rich jewel tones such as blue or red. This will add an extra element of glamour to your attire and make you stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, you can opt for a fusion saree that combines traditional Indian elements with Western touches. This can be a great choice for creative work environments where you may have more freedom in what you wear to work.


For glamorous occasions, you can rely on your saree to keep your look refined and graceful. Opt for heavy silk saree sets with intricate zari work and traditional motifs that are perfect for weddings and festivals. Alternatively, try a designer cape over your saree for a fusion look that will turn heads. Keep your hair in a low bun or cascading curls and finish off the look with elegant jewelry and a maang tikka.

If you’re looking for something more casual, opt for lightweight chiffon and georgette sarees with colourful prints. You can also opt for sequin-embellished sarees that will add a spark to your ensemble. Wear them to parties and glam up your look with trendy accessories like a bold lip colour and chunky jewellery.

Kanjivaram sarees are a must-have for all Indian women, as they have a rich heritage and history. They come in a variety of shades and feature intricate gold zari work, making them perfect for festive occasions and weddings. Another option is banarasi sarees, which are made of luxurious silk and feature traditional motifs. These sarees are also a great choice for destination weddings, as they will match the ambiance of the location. You can choose to pair them with a contemporary blouse design like a cold-shoulder or halter neck.


In the modern era, women have a greater freedom of choice when it comes to their fashion choices. As such, sarees have been transformed to suit a wide range of events and occasions. They are no longer restricted to traditional silks and cottons but now offer a variety of fabrics, styles, and embellishments. Contemporary saree designs are heavily influenced by global trends and Bollywood movies. Some sarees even use unconventional fabrics like leather or denim.

Lightweight and comfortable, these sarees can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Georgette and cotton silk sarees are both good options, but choose a saree that suits your taste. If you prefer minimal detailing, go for simple georgette sarees with a deep v-neck blouse. If you’re looking for something bold and bright, opt for a colourful saree that will stand out at any event.

Experiment with new draping techniques to create a unique style. For example, try a Bengali style drape by tucking the saree inside the waistband of your petticoat, making pleats at the front, and draping the pallu over your left shoulder. This is a perfect style for Durga Puja and weddings. Alternatively, you can also wear a butterfly draping saree for an elegant and glamorous look. Sequin sarees are another option for glamorous parties and wedding bashes.